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Engagement Opportunities

As a living-learning program, student engagement within UH is strongly tied to the curriculum. Courses within the program from the Gateway course to the Vantage Point seminar are designed to help students engage in critical reflection about their college journey, connect with their peers, and learn about the world.

In addition to the curriculum, there are many co-curricular and social activities available to UH students:

UH Houses and House Cup

UH community members are grouped into one of four houses when they enter the program, based on their Gateway course. The houses are: House Denebola, House Altair, House Shaula, and House Eltanin, and the names represent navigational stars. Each year, the UH houses will complete in a house cup tournament to find connections in their house of students, gain points, and win prizes. Information on the houses and the house cup can be found here.

UH Workshops, Events, and Programs

UH staff and student groups offer events, programs, and workshops designed for students and by students. These workshops and initiatives will highlight and build on existing opportunities at UMD and provide UH specific conversations for students that address topics that are beneficial for or requested by students.

  • Career Center collaborations
  • Professional communication
  • Budgeting workshops
  • Leadership workshops
  • Wellbeing events
  • Faculty Coffee and Conversations
  • Student Panels

Click here to see our upcoming UH and university events calendar, follow us on Instagram, and look out for the weekly UH newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

UH Advisory Board

The University Honors Student Advisory Board (UHSAB) is the primary source of student counsel to the UH Director. Its purposes include (a) fostering a positive and constructive relationship between the program's students and its staff and faculty; (b) advising on program-wide policies, procedures, and initiatives; (c) assisting in the planning and execution of program events, projects, and activities; (d) liaising with other groups associated with the program (e.g., Peer Academic Leaders, Student Life Council, Faculty Advisory Board); and (e) representing the program on behalf of the student community.

Student Life Council

The UH Student Life Council is a group of University Honors students dedicated to deepening and diversifying student engagement through innovative programming, events, and initiatives. The objective of the Student Life Council is to plan events, activities, and opportunities for University Honors students to engage and interact with each other, the campus, and the greater community. The Student Life Council recruits new members each fall.

Peer Mentor Network

The Peer Mentor Network has programs to provide tutoring in subjects where they have demonstrated success, student-centered advice by major (e.g., recommended instructors, course sequencing), and informal mentoring for incoming first-year students.

Leadership Programs and Training

The opportunities for students to get involved as leaders are endless! UH Students can become PALs, Honors College Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, Community Guides, the UH Student Advisory Board, or Student Life Council.

In addition, UH offers leadership workshops that will encourage students to enhance their collaborative leadership skills, ability to work as agents of social change, critical thinking, and self confidence. Information on these programs available during the semester.

UH Connects:

UH Connects provides more informal ways for students to build relationships across shared areas of interest or classes. There are two types of UH Connects groups:

  • Study Groups - At the start of each semester, students are able to sign up for an online study group for individual classes. These groups can be in-person or virtual.
  • Interest Meet Ups - At the start of each semester students can sign up to be connected virtually with other UH students based on similar interests (ex: video games, music, etc.) that are suggested by their peers. These groups have the opportunity to request funding for programs and initiatives around their interests.

Community Hours

Each Friday afternoon between 12:00pm and 1:00pm Eastern Time, UH students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to gather for a UH Community Hour. Discussion topics will be announced weekly for these open hours.

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Questions or feedback? Contact Chelsea Bradford, Coordinator for Student Life or Kaleigh Mrowka, Assistant Director for Student Engagement.