hand holding compass

Gateway Seminar

The Gateway Seminar (HNUH 100) is a required, one-credit course for all first-semester University Honors students. This course is designed to orient students to the University Honors curriculum and to equip them to embark on their personal, academic, and pre-professional journeys at Maryland. While the tracks and clusters of courses are designed to foster intellectual courage in students and to enable them to thrive amidst uncertainty and complexity, the Gateway Seminar provides students with the compass they will need along the way. Specifically, this course prepares students to:

  • articulate their intellectual passions and life goals;
  • connect with their peers and with student leaders in the program;
  • find campus and community resources needed to chart their individualized paths;
  • practice methods of critical inquiry and self-reflection;
  • engage in inclusive collaboration and leadership.

Each section of approximately 20 students is led by a UH faculty member, who guides students in their personal, social, and intellectual exploration. In that effort, each class is supported by a Peer Academic Leader (PAL) dedicated to mentoring students through the transition to the university and to living and learning in University Honors.

In the Gateway Seminar, students produce an online portfolio (Portfolium) that they will use throughout their coursework in UH to curate their insights and critically reflect on their scholarly work. In the Vantage Point Seminar, students will learn to use these portfolios as a professional networking platform to showcase their past accomplishments, present concerns, and future potential.